Services for candidates selection

Services for candidates selection

After graduation, many job candidates submit their resumes and wait for an interview. In the past, people looked for candidates in newspapers or placed ads. Now it is possible to use applicant tracking software.

Apps for recruiters and HR are relevant today more than ever. Hundreds of platforms have been created to improve productivity and automate HR processes.

Testing and assessment of skills

A preliminary assessment of knowledge, skills, abilities and other qualifications of applicants helps to select the most suitable candidate. Therefore, HR software for testing skills is in great demand.


More than 66% of CEOs believe that automating HR processes can improve the quality of the HR department. HR automation apps are still the main category of recruiting software.


Most of the largest corporations use Applicant Tracking Systems or ATS. Candidate tracking systems are one of the biggest categories of recruiting software. Many companies have changed ATS as employers continue to look for the most convenient options.

Recruitment CRM

With the rise of recruitment marketing, human resource relationship management (CRM) software has become one of the main ways to interact with candidates and employees.


Today’s companies are realizing that their most powerful asset and competitive advantage is people. In order to help HR managers, work programs and services for personnel management have been created.

Automated systems for HR are designed to minimize financial and time costs, which makes it possible to focus on what is important and make your company better.

Image by Isabela bela from Pixabay