How to live legally in the USA

How to live legally in the USA?

Each of us has heard about the Green Card at least once.  And today it can be won in a special lottery, which is a big opportunity.  However, let’s figure out what it is and what are the features of such a card.

Green card is an identity document that confirms that a person who is not a citizen of the country, but has equal rights with him, has a residence permit in the United States.  The only exception is the right to vote in elections.

Many people dream of immigrating to the United States.  This is not surprising, since this country is famous for its high standard of living.  The United States is called a country of opportunity and it really is.  This attracts many fans of this country.  And having received an American diploma, you can easily find a job in accordance with your specialty.

Many people dream of getting a Green Card, because thanks to this that they can move to this country for permanent residence.  To do this, you need to learn how to get a US green card, which is an official document confirming that you are not a US citizen.  However, you have the right to legally live and work in the country.  What are the main features of a green card:

  • easy to find work with official employment;
  • there is an opportunity to receive qualified medical care;
  • when paying for education, you can save a lot;
  • tax and lending rates will be reduced.

The green card allows you to enjoy almost all the rights that American citizens have.  It increases your chances of obtaining US citizenship in the future.  When receiving such a card, you must always remember that if you violate the laws of the state, you may lose your green card and be deported.

Therefore, if you dream of living and working in the United States, then you simply need such a card.  And to start, you can try to win it in the lottery.

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