Bible Stories Are Still Beneficial For Kids

Bible Stories Are Still Beneficial For Kids

Many moan about the ever waning interest in learning truths from the Bible and the declining attendance at Sunday Schools everywhere. Are we to accept this unlucky trend or should we be attempting to sort it out? Are we to retreat before the vitriolic onslaught of secularism, atheism and humanism or should we be redoubling our efforts to interest the young in Bible truth and give them some encouragement to attend Sunday School and Youth Meetings?

We believe in the non secular dimension of every homo sapien; that simple materialism cannot meet all our needs and that “man shall not live by bread alone”. A society which caters only for the material and physical requirements of our young is denying them the necessities for a full, all-around development of the individual. This can well say why we live in what has been referred to as “a damaged society”, broke and fragmented; divided and dangerous; full of truculent and disillusioned kids who have been brainwashed into assuming that only things matter and that there is no God; no liability to a Creator and no hereafter.

Herein lies the understated cost of Sunday school lessons, teaching changeless and timeless truth for our changing times and catering to the spiritual needs and desires of our young. We owe it to them; we are denying generations the lifeline of Biblical truth and we are basically answerable for the ills of present society. Let us not blame the officeholders as we are so ready to do, or any other person for that matter; we have not been able to communicate those imperative truths that served earlier generations well and which should always fulfil an important part in our world.

Because truth has been derided and the Bible has been belittled and banned largely from our colleges and institutions is no excuse for us to back-pedal and keep away from our responsibility. We need to remind our young of one God, all-seeing, omnipresent and omnipotent and we need to tell them of the facts of creation and the Fall of man.

They have to be reminded constantly of the blessings for obedience and the serious consequences of disobedience, now and eternally. They have to be told of God’s matchless love in the gift of a Saviour for the whole world and the supply of salvation by the once for all sacrifice of Christ on the cross. Truth referring to our endless destiny must be impressed on them and we may begin again to notice the advantages of imbibing this essential but neglected truth.